SopCast 4.2.0

Watch a variety of television channels or broadcast custom special programs online via peer-to-peer tools

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SopCast 4.2.0
SopCast 3.8.3

With SopCast, users can watch online TV channels absolutely for free, and they can create and broadcast their own content. Since the software takes advantage of direct P2P connections, users won't need large amounts of bandwidth or powerful servers.

Using P2P technology, any user can broadcast any content they create while also viewing content that others have shared. Other types of P2P streaming software are limited since they pull content from other sources and only allow users to view it. This prevents the network from growing, but Sopcast doesn't have that issue since you can make your own channel for broadcast.

Sopcast has gone through several iterations, but the latest version has seen no discernible upgrades to the UI. This is a good thing since it was already about as easy to use as it could get. During the installation process, be sure to uncheck the option that installs the search engine into your browser.

You can create an account via the login screen for the app. If you have no plans to create a channel of your own, you can opt for anonymous utility. Once you're in, you can browse available channels by looking through the Live Channels tab. In this list, you'll find mainstream channels with content from professional sources, and you'll find obscure channels that come from Asia or other non-English locations. Much of the content includes Chinese dubbing or subtitles.

When you select a channel, the channel window will emerge from the player's side, and it can be played via fullscreen or exported via the controls in the panel to Windows Media Player. This ability is quite rare in the market of similar apps. Using the Options menu, you can select any available media player to play back your selected channel content.

The primary appealing factor for Sopcast, however, is the fact that users can create their own channels for the system. Of course, this is also the reason why most of the content on the platform would be considered subpar. You can select server addresses for your uploaded content so others can find your content and watch it through the system.

One interesting facet of the Sopcast system is that the quality of the content and the speed at which it streams are dependent on the number of connected users. More viewers translates to faster streaming. If you want to create a channel that has private access, you can set a private channel to only be accessible by those you place in a specific network group.

Even with the lack of English content, Sopcast is still an excellent way to access TV sources that you would otherwise never encounter or imagine. It can be a bit awkward for those just starting to use the software, but acclimation occurs quickly.


  • Multiple Channels
  • Simple Organization
  • Program Creation and Broadcasting


  • Mostly Non-American Content
  • Variable Quality
  • No Error Log

SopCast, also known as SopPlayer, is a peer-to-peer video client used to stream live TV channels from around the world for free. SopCast comes loaded with a large listing of channels, but you can also import server details into the client. SopCasst is perfect for individuals who you live in area with limited TV broadcast, immigrants who'd like to stream content from their homeland or people who'd simply like to expand their viewing experience.


After logging into your account and getting past SopCast's HTML "Home" tab, you get to the heart of the program. SopCast's "Live Channels" tab can be a bit overwhelming at first, but it's bookmarking features helps you to work your way through its available channels and save your favorites. After you've established favorites, your bookmarked channels will appear at the top of the listing of channels.

Launching a stream through SopCast is as simple as clicking on a channel's link. It can take a minute or two to connect to a channel and buffer, but that's no fault of SopCasts as server speeds can vary greatly. Entering a SopCast server's details into the program consists of keying the server's address into the client's "Address" field and connecting to the server.

SopCast provide channel statistics so that you'll know what quality and speeds to expect from your live extremes, which helps to confirm or eliminate concerns when you experience problems with streaming. You can see the server's help, the amount of peers connected to it and a quality rating for it.

The clients player is based on Windows Media Player. If desired, you can stream your SopCast videos through the full version of Windows Media Player to take advantage of the media player's enhancements and playback controls. SopCast merges its own controls with the Windows Media Player playback controls. SopCast controls enable you to record, zoom and favorite channels.

SopCast's VOD (video on demand) channels are no longer active, though the program includes a tab for them. The "VOD" tab is blank to attest to the service's removal.

The Verdict

SopCast has a large community and an extremely responsive client, making the program a reliable for live streaming of peer-to-peer video. While you make encounter lag or low-quality content, SopCast has the ability to stream high quality video and deliver a stutter-free viewing experience.


  • Lots of live channels
  • Responsive, fast buffering
  • Requires minuscule amounts of memory
  • Works with your firewall


  • Works at the mercy of its servers and their speeds

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